Answered prayers!

So, I want to share something with you guys. I had very specific prayers last year that I would find something natural to help my emotions postpartum. I also had another prayer that I thought was totally unrelated and that was that I would be able to find a way to work from home…isn’t that every stay at home mama’s desire?! People don’t like to talk about it but you can really lose your sense of purpose when you are suddenly in your home with babies all day every day. You’re working your butt off and not getting paid to do it. But, I also knew I do NOT have the personality to do any ‘sales’ job from home. I don’t even do Ellie’s school fundraisers because it makes me super uncomfortable to ask people to buy stuff!

So fast forward I was using my oils for 6 months and they were an answered prayer. Meanwhile, I was actually blocking the posts when people would talk about doing the business with Young Living (sorry!!) But, I couldn’t help noticing that people on my team would talk about their commissions every month. I knew all they were doing was sharing about the oils! I finally had a moment and thought I CAN DO THAT! Guess what, this is been the answer to the other half of my prayer. I never once have felt like I’m ‘selling’ anything. All I’ve done is share. Share how the oils have helped me and my family over the past year. I don’t feel weird about it and I have never felt guilty like I’m sharing some random thing with my loved ones that’s going to end up in the back of their closet.

Well today I am so grateful for how this has impacted my life in multiple ways. I got a commission check and it’s going to pay for Ellie’s gymnastics class for the next TWO months 😭🙌🏻 A class I was actually thinking about pulling her out of. I’m still having a hard time wrapping my head around it that I can share about stuff I love while at home with my babies and can get paid to do it. DREAM JOB. So today I’m starting to focus on new prayers and new goals! The best part of all is this is not just for me. Or stay at home moms. Or outgoing sales people. If you love oils you’re going to be sharing about them anyway I PROMISE. It’s as simple as that. GOD IS GOOD! If you want to know more about oils and how I use them follow me on Insta! DM me if you have any questions and yes there is room for YOU on our team!


Beach day

We got a gift card to the Monterey Plaza Hotel for our wedding over 4 years ago. We stayed there once and just haven’t been in a place to want to leave all the kids overnight again to go back! We still had quite a bit of money left on the card though, so over the years whenever we feel like a treat we drive there for the day to have lunch! Bittersweet, today was our last trip to have lunch on the gift card. We were drinking our coffee this morning and Tom said let’s go eat lunch in Monterey. Ummm..yes please. He checked the weather and it said 100% rain… he wasn’t as excited to go…but Ellie had already packed her road trip bag! It was raining here at home too, so we figured might as well go where the scenery is beautiful!

Their bloody Mary’s are soooo good.

It rained the whole time, but it was so fun! Warner still needs to be restrained in a high chair or he’ll be running all over the restaurant trying to make friends. Ellie usually entertains Maren or will sit quietly if we bribe her with lemonade.

Before her lemonade.

Ellie loves the beach, but what she loves most of all is ROCKS. This girl will collect rocks every place we go. I have a huge jar sitting on her dresser of all of the rocks she’s picked up along the way in her 4 years of life. I actually ran out of room in the jar and now her collection has moved into the garden.

Me and my girl.

You cant tell by these photos but it was actually raining really hard! We told Ellie we were not going to go out on to the beach since it was raining too much. She was sooooo disappointed and said all she wanted was to find a shell. So, me and Ellie were the only ones that got out and ran to the beach to find the perfect shell. She obviously found a bunch of perfect rocks instead. I loved the special little moment with just me and her though! It’s hard with 3 kids to find any time to spend one on one, but I think its so important. Especially because Ellie is the oldest and to her it probably seems like I’m always feeding or changing one of the others. This is also why I love pictures so so much! Who knows if she will even remember this time we laughed and ran out on to the beach in the rain…but she will always have these photos to look back on. 

If you are traveling to Monterey, California and want a nice place to stay or just to eat…The Monterey Plaza Hotel is awesome!!

DIY Lotion

Don’t have oils? Message me!

I am loving these three oils together…lavender, cedarwood and frankincense. There are tons of articles online if you want to research the specifics of what each oil does, but basically they are amazing! Lavender is great for soothing skin, cedarwood and frankincense are moisturizing and help aging skin. I decided to use these three oils along with some other ingredients I already had around the house to make my own body butter…I love it! I probably make some people cringe because I don’t really measure things…or follow specific directions. It still turned out amazing though! So if you want super easy instructions on how to make your own body you go

Ok, so I got about 1/4 cup of organic coconut oil. You can use fractionated coconut oil if you want! This is what I had on hand.

Have you ever used cocoa butter? It smells amazing. It is harder to get out of the jar than coconut oil is prepare to do some scraping. I used about 1/4 cup of this as well
Next is the part where ‘recipe followers’ will hate me! I used the microwave rather than a double boiler. Mainly out of convenience…I’ve got 3 kids running around. When I make this again though I will melt the cocoa butter separately!! It melts way slower than the coconut oil. Once they are all nice and melted together you let it sit for awhile to cool off. Another moment where I was not patient enough…I stuck the bowl in the freezer so it would harden up quicker. Maybe like 10 minutes? When it gets a little bit more solid mix in your oils (5-10 drops each)! Now you’re ready to whisk it with an electric mixer. Do that just until it starts to look like whipped lotion!

  • 1/4 cup cocoa butter
  • 1/4 cup coconut oul
  • 5-10 drops each of your fav oils
  • glass jars
  • electric mixer
  • microwave or stove 🙂

If you haven’t started using oils yet you are missing out my friend! They are the best way to start living a healthier lifestyle and can literally replace all chemicals in your home. Message me if you would like to learn more or if you’re ready to start buying oils for your home you can join my team here

Link to glass jars

Dress up.

I come from a line of hoarders. Not to the extreme, but we do like to hang on to things. One of my new years resolutions last year was to downsize all my stuff and I actually did pretty good! I’m backsliding though!! My mom told me she went through my old baby clothes and of course I kept some of them…ok, all of them lol. I cant believe something of mine is considered ‘vintage’ but I guess these are fabulous VINTAGE baby clothes from the 80’s. They are not really my style…buuut it was fun to dress up Maren. Ellie decided her pony needed a few of the outfits too. Most of them actually wouldn’t fit over Maren’s chubby thighs!! The bonnet was just too much for me…she looked like the guy from Gilligan’s Island.

Before I had babies I remember a friend getting rid of all of her new baby clothes and only kept the onesies because she said they were ‘just easier’. I thought no way! I imagined I would always have my babies dressed up in adorable outfits all day long. Now I understand. Baby clothes are sooo cute, but seriously it can take half a morning just dressing and undressing a baby through all the diaper changes. I mean skinny jeans on a 6 month old…ADORABLE. But, so tricky to get on 2 chubby kicking legs. My kids have spent half their lives just wearing diapers and I have no regrets about it!

channeling Gilligan.


So, I tried to start a blog about 10 years ago and failed miserably. I think I had 3 posts and now I don’t even remember what my website was. Trying my hand at this again! Blogging is not really my goal, but I’m using it as a means to my goal of being more organized with my photos. I take SO MANY photos of the kids and I never do anything with them. I miss having film where we actually had to take it in to be developed and then wait to see if any of our photos even turned out. I love the idea of posting photos from an event and writing about what happened that day so I can look back on it. (But in a prettier way than you can do on facebook lol) Even if I never get around to printing the pictures at least they will be here! I’ve also missed having a creative outlet for myself since things are pretty busy around here! I think making a blog will be a fun relaxing thing to do after everyone goes to bed!

My first post is not even photos I took…they are family photos that my amazingly talented sister took. She is the one that inspires me to be creative and try to capture pretty photos! Also, she is why I am trying to learn how to use my new camera…maybe someday I can be skilled enough to second shoot with her 🙂

Check out her beautiful work